Hard Racing Shift Shaft Support Bracket for 2019-2020 Honda Monkey

Why do I need this?

From day one of ownership my Monkey had issues with finding Neutral, it is just not a perfect venture to click up one to N. So I have been looking for a solution, in my searching this shift support came up and I decided to order one up from hard Racing to see if the issues that were clearly a problem on the Grom were also the issue with the Monkey.

Installation Tips and Tricks:

  • Sadly there are not any install instructions provided in the kit, but there is reference to their YouTube Channel, but the only video on there currently is to the Grom Install and I will admit there are enough slight differences with the Monkey we would benefit from a model specific install video. Most will be able to figure it out
  • While this is a very easy install on the Grom it is slightly less easy on the Monkey. This is due to the fact that the longer bolts used have some clearance issues during installation. This issue is only for the one bolt that is closest to the rear of the bike as it interferes with the “rear sets”/Foot Rest assembly. So be prepared to loosen this assembly on the left side of the bike to allow for enough room to slide the bolt into the case. See the photos for more specific views of this issue.
  • Mark your shifter pedal location and height from the ground, this will make thing much less of a pain to set back up.
  • Take photos every time you make modifications before you start so you have a reference later

Difficulty Level:

Out of 10 this is about a 5 due to missing instructions specific to the Monkey and the fact you will need a more complete tool kit to do this job correctly, to include Torque specs for the swing arm bolt, thus the need for a service manual.

Does it do what it says?

This will be a two part answer. #1 Yes, it is 100% more positive into N – But since I have only had time to rock it back and forth in the garage the answer to if it works under load on the street will need to wait for a test run in the next couple days.

Manufacturer Information:

Shift Shaft BLACK Support Bracket for ’19-’20 HONDA MONKEY 125

HRP-SSSB-1 – Link to Website

Please note, Product will ONLY be offered in Anodized BLACK 

– Helps to minimize False Neutrals
– Eases lateral stress on shift shaft
– CNC Machined Alum.
– Includes all the hardware
– Easy to install
– Black Anodized


Hard Racing Installation Video – GROM