ASV brake and clutch levers bring innovation to your Honda Monkey. GOne are the days of the boring old lever, now replaced with a more advanced lever with 21st century options. Plus lets just be honest they look much cooler.

Link to Brake Lever:

Link to Clutch Lever:

Both Feature:

• Unbreakable lever with pivot design

• Adjustable reach with 4 inches of range

• Micro-indexing dial reach adjuster with 180 increments

• Forged aluminum

• Precision-sealed bearings in pivot

• 3-year unconditional crash damage guarantee

• Made in USA

Multiple color options available on their website to match your custom bike.


Installation is rated 2 out of 10 and can be accomplished quite easily when following the instructions. Just make sure to watch your clutch side settings and test before riding off into the sunset.

Visit their website: